Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back From San Diego.....

Needless to say San Diego was a fun place. Not only that...I think it really helped me rediscover my passion of cooking. It wasn't that I really needed to but it didn't hurt. Here are some of the things you may just see recipes for in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Do it Yourself Breakfast Bowl (With Green Apple Wine)
  2. Pink Chicken (Raspberry Marinaded BBQ Chicken)
  3. Orgasmic Meatloaf
  4. Super Roaster Turkey with Apple Raisin Stuffing
  5. Chris's Macaroni Tuna Salad
  6. Meat. Potato, and Cheese Casserole
  7. Vanilla Orange Caramel Creme Float
  8. Big Bad Dry Spice Cheeseburgers
So coming soon...there will be a new batch of recipes to enjoy and maybe even some surprises to boot. The vacation really was just what the doctor ordered..and the trip into the kitchen at school didn't hurt either today.

Happy Cooking!!

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MickisMorsels said...

I just found you on blogcatalog, and you peaked my interest with this post, especially "Do it Yourself Breakfast Bowl (With Green Apple Wine". So here's a little encouragement. I'd love to see your recipes!