Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been a long long while. I seemed to develop a bit of writer's block with my recipes...that and hockey season got underway. So add that to school and work and everything else...and my true passion cooking kind of got neglected along the way.

That being said Dawn and I are off to San Diego to look at places to live and work at. Hopefully I can find some new recipes and tips to share as I continue to embark on this journey toward a culinary degree and maybe just maybe a dream cooking job somewhere in San Diego. So Halloween week I will be down there enjoying the sights, sound, and most importantly food the town has to offer. Throw in some drinks for good measure...maybe a trip to Seaworld and the beach and all will be good.

A quick school courses are going very well....I took conceptual courses like Safety and Sanitation and Menu Planning this semester. So far I am doing pretty well in both....did fairly well on all my quizzes so far. I am also in the planning stages of my Menu Planning project which is to design a menu and well it can't be from a Mexican Restaurant but I love it's all good. I will likely take some snippets from my menu that I create and put it on the blog.

Well it is only 12 days till vacation...with thoughts of days off ringing in my head and rest and relaxation looming....I am off to take my dog to the park! Cook something today....even if its Grilled Cheese....yum!

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