Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Twisted Lemon Herb Chicken....

This is damn good...guaranteed.

What you need.......

3 lbs of Skinless, Boneless chicken breasts (butterflied and halved)
1 cup of orange juice (let it stay in fridge at least a week)
2 lemons
2 tsp (or more) lemon herb chicken seasoning.
A pinch of Mrs. Dash
A pinch of Cloves

Yes this one is short and sweet but quite worth it...if done right. Cut the fat off the chicken then butterfly it only if its too thick....then half the pieces vertically when laid down. Butterflying is simply a horizontal cut but if you can flatten the chicken enough...just cutting it in half vertical is just fine. Mix the orange juice, juiced lemons and half the lemon herb chicken seasoning in a bowl. Put the chicken in and let it sit for at least an hour. Then put it on the grill...as soon as the chicken goes on....cut a couple small slits in each piece...be careful not to cut too far in. This will let the marinade you spoon on every so often to seep into the chicken to keep the moisture.

The key is to eyeball it on the grill. I use direct medium heat...and spoon in some marinade every couple minutes. The chicken usually takes 7-10 minutes tops but depending on how well you want it done...you can cook it accordingly. When done...serve it on a plate with parsely and lemon zest as garnish if you want..then sprinkle a little extra marinade on top. Enjoy!!

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I know what I'm making for dinner tonight !