Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Damn It Has Been Awhile.....

Sometimes I don't realize that time flies by. I really have been taking a look at all sorts of options up here. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes within the next year I will have to make a job or career change. It is a question of when more than if at this point. As I slowly gain experience with all sorts of different recipes and ways to cook things...I feel like I am improving. My problem is that rate of improvement satisfactory enough to be able to excel as a cook...I don't know just yet.

Going thru school and taking a few courses has made me see how hard it really is to juggle things and now I know I can do it. I know the time will come sooner rather than later as far as making a decision. I can see a scenario in my life where cooking and even sports journalism can play an equal role. With culinary of course being a bit principal at times....I will enjoy it more that way.

Realistically I know with finances, I will have to take time off from school (how long I do not know) but the passion is not diminished. It is pretty funny when you can make a meat, potato, and cheese casserole look restaurant quality out of next to nothing. So to me, it is a matter of presentation and more learning. You never ever stop learning...the day you do that is the day you should stop cooking. It goes with anything in life...keep working at it.

My one simple thing is to never give up at it. So you may not have the most conventional things to cook with...but if you stick with it...you never really lose it. I cook at home 2-3 times a week because of work but I feel at peace the most at those times. Always remember that folks!

Next week: I will have a recipe for those playoff hockey gatherings...till then...enjoy!


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